The Case For Making Online Textbooks Open Source

As companies compete to digitize the textbook market, there is one approach that shakes the traditional publishing business model: open-source textbooks, whose proponents believe online educational tomes should be free. Many universities, including MIT and Carnegie Mellon, post-course lectures online for free use. A New York Times article last year explained some of the barriers […]

Google Reveals Details of Chromebook Leasing Plans

Google confirmed at its I/O developer conference Wednesday that it will lease Chrome laptops to schools and businesses. The program, called Chromebooks for Business & Education allows businesses and educational institutions to pay Google a monthly fee in exchange for a supported, updated Chromebook. Business users will pay $28 a month for each Chromebook and […]

10 Trends for Global Education in 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are still part of the incoming tide but Time will level the playing field once the dust of 20th Century marketing ploys settles and people begin to demand quality over the distracting dissatisfaction of empty, entertainment-filled promises. The masses are tired of being increasingly informed and entertained and […]

Nice Site for Math Related Games and Resources

“Fun-loving math?” Yes! For little youngsters, play and science go together consistently and normally. With straightforward materials and a bit of arranging, early youth teachers can utilize games to help flash significant numerical thoughts—and assist them with learning a great deal about youngsters’ reasoning. Why Math Games? Math games give a structure and procedure to […]